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Black Belt USA Lakewood was recently voted the Best Martial Arts place for families by our local community!  

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Head Instructor: Mr. Rocky Burns

Rocky Burns.  Head Instructor

Mr. Burns began his Tae Kwon Do Training in 1982 and started Teaching Martial Arts in 2002.   Read More...


Assistant Instructor: Mr. JD Burns


JD Burns started his martial arts training at the age of 6.  Read More...


Assistant Instructor: Miss Taylor Burns


Taylor Burns has been practicing the art of Tae Kwon Do, since  the age of 6 years old.  Read More...

Wrestling Club assistant Instructor: Mr. Josh Kilfoyle


Josh Kilfoyle grew up in Orting, Washington. He has been active in sports since Read More...


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ADHD and Tae Kwon Do

The child that has ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is gifted. This special child is creative and spontaneous with the ability to hyper focus on any interesting task.

Conversely, this same child is a challenge to parents because they can often be aggressive, hyper, distractible and impulsive. The world views these children as "hard to handle" which can permanently harm self-esteem.

Children are frequently distracted or inattentive and often impulsive on occasion, but a child living with ADHD experiences these attributes most of the time.  A parent has a great deal of influence in helping their child perceive these character traits as advantageous, not a liability.

Notwithstanding, ADHD is not just a shortness of capacity to remain attentive, but also the skill to focus intently on the subject matter of choice. Kids with ADHD don't actually lack focus but have the tendency to focus unsuitably and are quick to become bored with a task.

Sports can be either constructive or negative for all children but more so for the ADHD child.  Expelling extra energy is a positive side to sports, but playing on a team is often frustrating to the child, coach and teammates. It can be difficult to learn to adhere to the rules and fulfill particular needs of the team.

Tae kwon do, a martial art, can be a tremendously beneficial for the ADHD child as it permits controlled aggressive behavior in a safe environment. An instructor provides direction that is immediately followed so that it retains relevance and gives instant satisfaction.

Tae kwon do emphasizes self-control, self-confidence and self-esteem as an inherent part of its instruction for all students.  For the ADHD student, this emphasis can be crucial to turning negative character traits into positives.

Part of tae kwon do instruction is the philosophy of "right action" which is to reach a point where you inherently know how to react in a situation with no thought. This teaching helps the impulsive ADHD child curb those impulses. Classes are exciting with lots of jumping, kicking, spinning and punching so boredom is never an issue. Hyperactivity doesn't exist in a tae kwon do class. Action is rewarded.

An important quality of tae kwon do instruction is respect and acceptance of all people despite the labels society has placed on them.

ADHD is not a boy problem. An equal number of girls are diagnosed with ADD the counterpart lacking the hyperactivity component.  It is a genetically passed difference in character. In fact, a large study found that 25% of children with Attention Deficit had a parent with the problem.

You can't outgrow Attention Deficit, so it becomes crucial to find ways to lessen the burdens of the disadvantages. Help your child learn to see the constructive aspects of their character and turn those traits into successes.

The child with Attention Deficit bears the same positive characteristics that are cultivated by the successful in society. Artists, entrepreneurs, politicians and athletes are a few of the successful people whom history has described with classic ADHD traits. Some of the most creative, intense, spontaneous, tenacious and quick thinking people in history have probably had ADHD; Thomas Edison, Mozart and Winston Churchill to name but a few. That's not bad company at all.


Article used with permission from Kalynn Amadio of the Tae Kwon Do Network


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Family atmosphere and positive results
Our family, particularly our kids, have benefited from the confidence and self assurance Mr. Burn's guidance has provided through his excellent family oriented Tae Kwon Do and MMA program. Christ says that you should find your talents and mulitply them. With Mr. Burn's guidance and encouragement our children have found one of their first talents and are well on their way to discovering all of who they are. The Burns family has been a blessing to our family as well as the parents and children that have discovered their talents in his dojong. A great family atmosphere where people and their children seem to have known each other for years. God has blessed what he has built.

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